Preparing for Fall

How I am getting in a cozy mood for fall and how you can too! Avoid seasonal anxiety/depression and remember it’s the most beautiful time of year.

Planning Trips

I live in Florida. The last two seasons don’t see us much but I will go where I need to go to get my dose of those autumn colors. Georgia, North Carolina here I come! I want to see all the fall leaves and hopefully take some amazing photos.

Home Decor

Umm..Fun! Oh Orange, I want to see the pumpkins everywhere. Not to mention the candles, Candy Corn is my favorite scent from DW Home. Add a chunky knit throw blanket or 2 or 3 for friends.

Chunky Knit Sweaters

Speaking of chunky knit things, have you gotten your staple chunky knit sweater yet? How about some cute autumn/winter boots? It’s timeee!

Comfort Food

It’s time to go grocery shopping. Pick up the hot chocolate, the pumpkin spice oatmeal, and all the ingredients for that pumpkin bread. The best part of anything is the food! Get all the things that will make you feel nice and cozy for this beautiful time. Don’t forget the gym though, comfort food is dangerous territory.

Curated Playlist

Set the vibe for the season with the right playlist. I love the chill Indie playlists on Spotify. I love Spotify in general, scroll through and find a sweater weather playlist that will be the backdrop for your Fall feels. Better yet, if you know what you want already, create a playlist yourself!

Get into the Activities

If football is your thing make sure to catch a game with some friends this fall. Nothing wrong with getting a little rowdy. Break out the Jersey’s and the face paint. Do you know where your local pumpkin patches are? Where will you go to catch the scenes of fall foliage this year? Its October 2nd, you’re a day late to making those Halloween plans. Get it sorted babe, it’s time to get into the fall spirit.

Change the Wall Paper

On your phone! All the more reason to participate in some fall activities. Every time you glance at your phone you will be reminded of all the good vibes. I need this, again, I live in Florida.

I am super excited to soak up all the feels, the smells, the smiles that come with this season. I can’t even describe to you how excited I feel. Let’s get it started!

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I am super excited to soak up all the feels, the smells, the smiles that come with this season. I can't even describe to you how excited I feel. Let's get it started! 7 Ways To Prepare for The Fall Season.

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